Journal of Great Khorasan

 ISO Abbreviation: JGK

Publisher: Imam Reza International University (AS)

Supported by: Architecture and Urban Planning Research Center of Imam Reza University (AS)

peer review: Double –Blind peer review | At least two reviewers for each article

Frequency: print (limited) and electronic

language: Farsi with Extended English translation

Place of publication: Islamic Republic of Iran, Mashhad

Publication date: Quarterly

Specialized area: Civilizational geography of Great Khorasan

Replication rates: 20%

The cost of submitting, refereeing and publishing the article: Yes

Initial review time: maximum 10 days

Average arbitration time: 3 months (12 weeks)

Acceptance rate: 41%

Geographical territory: Iran (Khorasan) | Afghanistan |Pakistan | Turkmenistan | Tajikistan | Uzbekistan | Kyrgyzstan

Year of publication: 2009

Licensed to publish from: Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran

Rank in MSRT (2022): B

 Access Policy: Free (full text)

Impact coefficient in Islamic world sciences citation database: 0.059

Indexed by: Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC)| Magiran | Noormags | Academic Jihad Scientific Information Center (SID) | Google Scholar | Academia | Researchgate.


In accordance with the "regulations for determining the cost of processing articles in open access scientific journals" approved on 21/4/2021 by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 50% of the approved cost of processing articles (including refereeing, editing, page layout and publication) is equivalent to 1,750 000 Rials "after conducting the arbitration and issuing the final acceptance certificate" and the remaining 50% equivalent to 1,750,000 Rials, "after preparation and before the official publication of the article" will be received from the authors.

It is worth mentioning that according to the approval of the Research Council of Imam Reza International University (AS), the cost of    processing and publishing  papers whose affiliation of correspanding author is outside of Iran; It's free. 

The Journal of Great Khorasan  is published as an electronic journal with open access, so no payment is received from the audience for subscription to the journal.

Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 52, December 2023 

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