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About the research journal of Great Khorasan

 Introduction of the publication

The scientific quarterly "Research Journal of Great Khorasan" with more than 10 years of publishing history, is considered the only reliable scientific journal in Iran focusing on studies and researches in the field of civilization of Great Khorasan, which is indexed in the Islamic World Citation Database (ISC) and also managed to obtain the rank Scientific (B) from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. This quarterly has an international approach and focuses on the Persian language on the fields of civilization of Greater Khorasan, especially "historical, political and urban geography" and "art history; Urban planning and architecture" is concentrated in this historical territory.


 General policies

1- Financial policies

A) costs of processing and publishing articles

For Iranian authors, out of 3,500,000 Rials for processing and publishing an article in Journal of Great  Khorasan  , 1,750,000 Rials after conducting the arbitration and issuing the final acceptance certificate and 1,750,000 Rials after preparation and before the official publication of the article.  to the account number of National Bank of Iran 0207324057006 when uploading their manuscripts for review. The name of Imam International University (AS) should be applied to card number 6037997599361814 with deposit ID 191066. the rest of the costs will be financially supported by Imam reza International University.

It is worth mentioning that according to the approval of the Research Council of Imam Reza International University (AS), the cost of    processing and publishing  papers whose affiliation of correspanding author is outside of Iran; It's free.

B) Publication subscription
The research journal of Great Khorasan University of Imam Reza (AS) is published as an electronic journal with open access, so no subscription is received from the audience.

C) Acceptance of advertisement in the publication
The Research Journal of Great Khorasan University of Imam Reza (AS) does not accept or include any advertisements on the website and magazine articles.

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2- Conflict of interest 

 During the publication of scientific articles, conflict of interest means that the author or authors, reviewers, or even the editor of the journal have personal or economic connections that may unfairly influence their decision to publish an article. Conflict of interest exists when professional judgment regarding primary interests (research validity) is influenced by secondary interests. There is nothing unethical about mutual benefits, but it should be clearly stated. All authors must declare all conflicts of interest in their cover letter and in the “Conflict of Interest” section at the time of submission. When the authors have no conflict of interest, it should be stated as follows:

"The author or authors declare that they have no conflict of interest related to the writing or publication of this article."

The policy of  Great Khorasan Research Journal is that none of the members of the journal should have a financial relationship with the authors.
Disclosure of all conflicts of interest is necessary for transparent research reporting. Failure to declare a conflict of interest can lead to immediate rejection of an article. If an undisclosed conflict of interest is identified after publication.
Examples of conflict of interest:

One of the authors is in the same institution or organization as the mentioned editor or referee as a member;
The names of all the institutions and organizations that were used to write the article and the income of the article is also attributed to them are not mentioned.
one of the authors is a member of the dissertation committee, editor or referee or vice versa;
One of the authors and the editor or reviewer are currently co-authors on another paper or have been co-authors on the same paper for the past two years.
Davro or the author share ownership or action for the patent related to the content of the article in question.
The referee should randomly judge an article extracted from a master's or doctorate thesis that was the supervisor or advisor of that thesis.

3- Cophyrith Statements

While the authors retain all copyrights without restriction, they grant the rights of first publication to the journal. All articles in Journal of Great Khorasan licensed under CC BY Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International. Authors can use their articles in research activities, owner website, institute website or... by providing full citation to version published in Journal of Great Khorasan. The author(s) have the right to print and share the first submitted copies and share with colleagues , professional and career positions with citing to the Journal of Great Khoraan.

Creative Commons License

Journal of Great Khorasan © 2009 by Imam Reza International university is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International 


4- Archive policies and retention of articles

Journal of Great Khorasan, understand the concerns of authors, readers, librarians, and others about the need for long-term preservation and access to scholarly research as the world of publishing continues to digitalization. Our policy directly and honestly addresses the archival issue of long-term retention with access.

The journal of Great Khorasan is committed to archiving, meaning long-term preservation and providing access to scientific research material published electronically in the journal of Great Khorasan. This policy statement specifies the extent of the journal’s archival commitment and the relevant procedures for fulfilling this commitment. The journal of Great Khorasan will serve as an archive for all electronic content published by the journal. The content of the archive will include all the editions of this magazine with the ability to access online and publish relevant supplementary materials. The original content of published material will never change but may be supplemented by annotations or additional information due to the occurrence of errors and the need to correct content, references, and other parts that undergo changes after the original publication.

For the efficient and safe use of the online service, the journal of Great Khorasan undertakes to prepare copies from the electronic archive of publications in order to preserve information and security. Replicas are used to enable rapid delivery of content to consumers, while security replicas are kept as backup copies. The journal of Great Khorasan is committed to the periodic renewal of these reproductions. At least one security duplicate copy is kept in a separate location away from the editorial office of Great khorasan in Mashhad, Iran. A copy is also uploaded to Archive.com.