Investigation of political and social life of Zein O Din Abubakr e Taybadi

Document Type : تاریخ شهرسازی خراسان بزرگ


Many villages in Khorasan were destroyed due to attacks of Mongol. After their victory against Khorasan, many of destructions were recreated with the support and encouragement from big families like Khorasanian Divansalar including Joveini and Farumadi families. The results of this recreations were appearance of new cities with new identities including in Bakharz's area. So the investigation of this changes in the social life of Bakharz and the life of Zein O Din Abubakr e Taybadi, which co-occurred in these geographical and historical changes, is the purpose of this study. The method of investigation is using descriptive and analytical method with the emphasis on the original resources and verbal culture of Khorasan. The research questions are: How the identity of Taybad created in the Bakharz geographical area? What was the role of Molana Zein O Din Abubakr e Taybadi in the political and social life of Khorasan in the Ilkhani era and Between Ilkhan and Teymurian interval? The results of this research indicate that Taybad is rebuilt on the destroyed towns of Touy in the Bakharz area in the Monghol and Ilkhani era. The name was changed from Touy Kharab (destroyed Touy) to Touy Abad and later to Tayabad and Taybad. Zein O Din Abubakr e Taybadi was one of the scientists and Aref in Khorasan which played an important role in Political, cultural and social life of Bakhazar and later in Khorasan. Bidding the fair, forbidding the unfair, and advising for justice were key elements in political ideation and actual practices of Taybadi. These elements were actualized in advice given to kings and rulers. He was the unifying force among different religious movements and mystic groups of his time.