The study of Dahae’s geographical position and the political, military, and financial positions of parƟava/Part in the Mede and Achaemenid era

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parƟava state being located in an important area of the easter Mede and Achaemenid lands was safe against the range of attacks and devastating powers like Assyrian and Macedonian thereafter. One of the significant and traceable issues is when the name of such state and Parϴave was demonstrated in history؟ and what locations this state covered; whether the state could be considered in the power district of Achaemenian and Mede’s territories. Altogether, what socio-military and even economical domains and positions would be considered for such Satrapi among the other states of Mede and Achaemenian. Consequently to answer the questions, by referring to Median and non-Median written texts and a descriptive-analytical approach the following results were attained. Porϴave state accompanied with important states like Kharazm and Bāxtriš made an outstanding union during the Median and Achaemenid. The union was considered as the eastern border of the great Mede, after Mede being more powered, it became under the domination of Mede; thereafter the union was assumed as the main military bases of Mede and Achaemenid. Moreover, with the significance of Dahae tribe, which has been mentioned in the first Achaemenid epigraphs, it can be claimed that the tribe conquered the eastern of Caspian sea to the Oxus areas. Therefore, in different periods of time, Parsava became integrated with the state of Verkana/Hirkana under a whole Satrapi with the name of Parsava and the center of state. All in all, Parsave was located in a very suitable and appropriate position in the ancient era all from military, geographical, and economic aspects (for being located on the outstanding commercial roads).