Historical quiddity of Hosseiniye Navab in the historical context of Birjand city

Document Type : تاریخ معماری خراسان بزرگ


Hosseinieh Navab, as a religious-ritual monument, is one of the most important Hosseiniehs in Birjand's historical context in terms of architecture, age, and extent. Despite a general agreement, along with some doubts among researchers on the time of construction (the Safavid era) and the name of the founder (Bibi Navab, the wife of Amir Esmail Khan II), the authors of this paper reached different results. This research aimed to reveal the history of this building based on some studies with historical approaches and data collected from endowment documents, bibliography, and surveys . The results showed that contrary to popular belief, its construction time dates back to the Qajar era and it was founded by Bibi Navab, the mother of the Amir Alam Khan III, the wife of the Amir Asadullah Khan Hesam al-Dawlah, the daughter of Mirza Rafi' Khan. To the authors, the existing doubts regarding the name of the founder and construction time were due to the high popularity of the name Navab among the Khazimeh's family, and improper restoration and/or incorrect reading of the entrance inscription, which probably misled the historical studies.