The Political Consequences of Hirat Separation on Khorassan District in Qajar Era

Document Type : جغرافیای تاریخی خراسان بزرگ


One of the outstanding issues in Contemporary History of Iran, is the effect of Hirat separation (from Khorasan Province) based on Paris Peace Treaty (1273Lunar /1858A.D) on the political situations of Khorasan district through decades afterwards. So, this study tries to answer the following question” " What effects had this separation had on Khorasan district from the political viewpoints". To anwere this question, historical methodology through historical documents and evidence is employed . Despite the lack of resources in this regard and just based on specific details and analytical _descriptive approach, the findings of the study suggest that the most important consequence is the invasion of Torkman tribes to Khorasan, causing insecurity in this district which led to looting of different parts of Khorasan by Torkman tribes and endangered and security of the region . In addition, the effect of Hirat separation on the bordering of the South of Khorasan and the effect of Paris Peace Treaty on Akhal agreement is regarded as the other political consequence which is studied in this research.
Keywords: Khorasan, Hirat, Qajar era, Paris Peace Pact, boederment