The Process of Bolsheviks’ Anti-Islamism in Central Asia

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Bolsheviks replaced Tsars after their victory in the revolution of October, 1917 in Russia and ruled the territory under the Tsras’ authority including Central Asia. The communist successors of the tsars, very soon, Communist rulers started a comprehensive fight against Islamic religion and culture in Central Asia and And the Islamic identity of the people targeted the region with a variety of instruments. The why and how of Bolsheviks’ anti-Islamism is the main question of the present article which the author tries to investigate and explain using descriptive-analytical method.
The aim of the present article is to explain the process of the anti-Islamic policies of Bolsheviks in Central Asia . Research findings show that the killing of Muslims, the destruction and closure of religious mosques and schools, the confrontation with the activities of missionaries, the stopping of the publication of religious books, in particular the Quran, the conversion of the Arabic and Persian alphabets to Russian, the abolition of veil, confiscation The endowment and liquidation of the religious courts are one of the anti-Islamic acts of the Bolsheviks during the seventy-year period of its domination of Central Asia. But despite all their anti-Islamic propaganda efforts, they have not succeeded in eliminating Islam from the lives of the people of Central Asia, and the Muslims of this region, through the establishment of movements like “Basmachi” and maintaining their religious and national identity in the form of The unofficial Islam reminded us of the admirable resistance against the Bolsheviks.