The bilateral effect of entrance of Islam to grent khorasan from the perspective Iranian civilization

Document Type : تاریخ شهرسازی خراسان بزرگ


Khorasan to include an important part of Iranian civilization district in Iran in period of ancient an Iranian governments carry out efforts stabilizing the frontiers that place. They sometimes was unfulfilled but never forgotten the aim the preservation of there. Therefore the frontiers of Khorassan especially in Seyhun and Jeyhun gradually had be com of identity. Cultural and ideal frontiers. An Ideal that to demands the united and harmonious defense to maintenance of the cultivated and well-organized World against the attack of the nomads. Khorassan his crowd and culture. It wanted took over the role that to fulfilled china wall. This united project to include of the frontier, ethnicity and culture in Iran in period of ancient for defense of Khorasan frontiers to transformed with of Arab attack and entrance of Islam. Although the entrance of Islam to Iran was an affirmative change from a viewpoints but we can according to this article to realize bilateral effects of entrance of Islam. At this time didn't have ancient Geographical borders and Geographical of Islam world, but as a province in Iran the expansion of Islam in Beyond Oxus and sind, bring out Khorasan from to be as an important border. Now borders of had not Progress towards the beyond of Seyhun But nomads were capturing of Khorasan borders.