Keywords = Khorasan
Geometric pattern and spatial structure of Iranian plain caravanserais, with emphasis on Khorasan plain caravanserais

Volume 12, Issue 45, March 2022, Pages 1-16


Ali Emami; Mohsen Sarbazzadeh; Mohamadhosein Abedi; Mansorh candy

Khorasan from Ottoman perspective (based on Ottoman Turkish sources)

Volume 11, Issue 41, April 2020, Pages 72-57


Taher Babaei; Hamidreza Sanaei

Soviet Cultural Activities in Khorasan 1324-1320

Volume 11, Issue 41, April 2020, Pages 107-89


Shadi Hajizadeh; Hadi Vakili

Iconology of Capra Motif in the Petroglyphs of Jorbat

Volume 10, Issue 36, October 2019, Pages 127-115