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 ISO Abbreviation: JGK

Publisher: Imam Reza International University (AS)

Supported by: Architecture and Urban Planning Research Center of Imam Reza University (AS)

peer review: Double –Blind peer review | At least two reviewers for each article

Frequency: print (limited) and electronic

language: Farsi with Extended English translation

Place of publication: Islamic Republic of Iran, Mashhad

Publication date: Quarterly

Specialized area: humanities and art in the territory of Great Khorasan

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Geographical territory: Iran (Khorasan) | Afghanistan |Pakistan | Turkmenistan | Tajikistan | Uzbekistan | Kyrgyzstan

Year of publication: 2009

Licensed to publish from: Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran

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This journal is aimed to publish peer-reviewed edited scientific papers and to spread the knowledge freely as much as it is possible for its readers and authors, globally

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Rank in MSRT (2021): B

Rank in ICI (2021):  65.82

Impact coefficient in Islamic world sciences citation database: 0.059


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"Publication cost: "According to the "Regulation on the cost of processing scientific articles",This publication receives 3,500,000 Rials from the respected authors in the form of online payment from the system for the various stages of receiving and publishing articles. To know the amount and stages of payment of costs, refer to the article publication costs section.

Respected authors of Persian articles, before submit their articles in the Great Khorasan journal system, it is necessary to obtain a "certificate of text authenticity" with a similarity percentage of less than 20% from the Samim Noor similarity finder system and the corresponding certificate along with the files Upload the article in the journal system.

Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 50, April 2023 

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